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Trading Booklist


This section is a list of books that have helped me along the way.

















Trading Methodology & Fundamentals  
The Disciplined Trader Douglas
Trading in the Zone Douglas
Trading for a Living Elder
Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom Tharp
Financial Freedom Through Electronic Day Trading Tharp & June
Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom Tharp Barton Sjuccerud
Peak Performance Course Tharp
Trading Online Patel
Mastering the ACI Dealing certificate Parker
Portfolio Management in Practice Brentani


Biographies and Testimonials  
Pit Bull M Schwartz
Madoff P Sander
Stock Market Wizards Schwager


Chaos J Gleicke
Bad Science B Goldacre
Irrationality S Sutherland
Quirkology R Wiseman
The Black Swan N Taleb
Gut Feelings G Gigerenzer
Dirty Dealing Lilley


Trading Technical  
Encyclopaedia of Chart Patterns Bulkowski
The Master Swing Trader Farley
An Introduction to Bond Markets Reuters press
Mastering the Trade Carter
Profitable Candlestick Trading Bigalow
Traded Options Temple
Bollinger on Bollinger Bands Bollinger
Sell Short Shulman
Optn Strategies for Directionless Mkts Saliba
Trade Options Online Fontanills
All About Options McCafferty
Option Volatility and Pricing Natenburg
The Complete Guide to Option Selling Cordier & Gross
Options on Futures Workbook Summa & Lubow
Exotic Options Trading De Weert
Volatility Edge in Options Trading Augen
All About Derivatives Durbin
Trading Chaos Williams
Rookies Guide to Options Wolfinger
Reading Price Charts bar by bar Brooks
High Probability Trading Link
Trading Options at Expiration Augen


The Trading Athlete Murphy
The Book of Five Rings Musashi
Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill
Keys to Success Napoleon Hill
Awaken the Giant Within Robbins
The Magic of Thinking Big Schwartz
Rich Dad Poor Dad Kiyosaki
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